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Putting Proven Psychometric Profiles to Work

Posted by Sharon Hudson, Director, Talent Tools on 8 February 2021
Putting Proven Psychometric Profiles to Work

Our employees are both our greatest asset and our most significant expense. Profitable organisations maximise the asset and minimise the expense. Easy!  Well maybe not, but possible.

The first step to maximising our talent assets is to ensure they are happy and a good fit for their current work role and environment. I like Fredrick Herzberg's Two-Factor Theory of workplace motivation because it details the importance of removing de-motivational factors, to enable motivational factors to be effective.

Herzberg's 2-factor theory of motivation at work       Herzberg's 2-factor theory of motivation at work


  1. Are you providing each employee with a comfortable work environment where they can reach their full potential?  (Hygiene factors, above)

  2. Are you enabling each employee to use their strengths performing work that they believe is challenging and meaningful? (Motivational factors, above)

  3. Do you know which of your employees are stressed and anxious and need a little extra care to avoid burnout?  (Wellbeing factors, below)

If you can not honestly answer yes to each of these questions, you will
not maximise your talent asset or minimise that expense.

For around $125 per employee, (+GST), the answers can be in your inbox in 10 minutes.

                                                        Putting Proven Psychometric Profiles to Wrok





Author:Sharon Hudson, Director, Talent Tools
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