Workplace Assessments - Prep your Particiants for Optimal Outcomes

Workplace Assessments - Prep your Particiants for Optimal Outcomes

Posted on 6 April 2023
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When I see slow workplace assessment questionnaire completion, I wonder whether the participants have been prepped for optimal results.  In my experience, there are four questions that participants want to know the answer to before they feel comfortable undertaking any workplace assessment. But they don't want to have to ask these questions.

They are:

    1.  Why are we/am I doing this?
    2. What is it going to be used for?
    3. Who is going to see the results?
    4. Who else is doing it? 
As you can see from the questions, it is all about psychological safety, and what they are looking for is reassurance that:
1. The information will not be used against them, now or in the future.
2.  There is something in this for them, not just the company.

My approach is to cover these to provide these answers in preparation before asking them to complete the questionnaire. 

There are many ways of communicating this information; of course, it changes with the circumstances and context. Some of my preferences are:

  • in-person at a project kick-off meeting
  • or staff meeting
  • an announcement/information email before the invitation to complete the questionnaire
  • included in training or event joining instructions 
  • staff intranet notification

At the same time, I also like to inform participants that the more closely their questionnaire responses reflect them as they are (not as they would like to be or how they would like others to see them [this is Social-desirability Bias that can be conscious or unconscious]) the more valuable the information in the reports will be for them.

Not only does this improve the quality of the data you and the respondent receive. Using the highly intelligent Extended DISC system also reduces "invalid" results.

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By:Sharon Hudson, Director, Talent Tools