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FinxS Health & Safety System


The system incorporates the following reports and tools, designed to be used as single products or in combination.

Compliance Tools

An integrated reporting package to assist managers and employers in complying with the Australian regulations, and another for the new New Zealand legislation. 

For those who are already using our FinxS Online Platform (AUS and NZL), Health and Safety Behavioural Reports are available at no cost for individuals who have already obtained a behavioural report! Ask us how

The design of the reports is the result of significant research and development and are a vital value-added tool to help identify possible health and safety challenges. Included in the package are reports designed for managers as distinct from other employees and integrated Open 360 assessments are also available.

Behavioural Profiling and Integrated 360-degree Assessments

Manager, Health and Safety Behavioural Report

IndividualHealth and Safety Behavioural Report


Health & Safety Culture Surveys

Workplace Safety Culture Study

Health & Safety Pulse 



Providing Positive Workplaces

Positive Psychology @ Work

A Strengths-Based Approach



Healthy Minds and  Bodies

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