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Conflict Dynamics Profile - FAQ

 FAQs 1. How is the CDP different from other conflict instruments?  1The CDP focuses on conflict behaviors, not styles. Since behaviors are more susceptible to change, the CDP is designed to bring tangible improvements to a person's performance. The CDP is also available in both self-assessment and multirater versions wi...

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Conflict Dynamics Profile Training

Conflict Dynamics Profile ® (CDP) Training

A One-Day Class for HR, Development and Coaching Professionals
Program Overview The Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP) training class is a one-day program to enable HR, development and coaching professionals the opportunity to use the CDP in their work.
Benefits By attending the p...

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Extended DISC July 2011 Newsletter

Greetings There are some exciting things happening in the world of Extended DISC®.

We have just returned from our World Meeting which was held in Norway this year and was well attended by Worldwide representatives of the Extended DISC® family. The theme of the conference was based on the best selling book “Our Iceberg i...

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Get Your DISC Accreditation Now!

Get Your IiSC Accreditation Now! Thousands of Australia's largest and most successful organisations choose DISC with us. Get a free sample profile here and join them! DISC is the most innovative and accurate behavioural model on the market. Using the Extended DiSC Accreditation program, your business will achieve peak performa...

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The Extended DISC Personal Analysis- behavioural analysis tool for personal development and careeers

The Extended DISC Personal Analysis is a behavioural analysis tool for personal development and career progression. Learn to maximise your natural behavioural characteristics in management, leadership, customer service, selling and any communication. Each analysis provides you with: A description of how you might be seen by ot...

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