Human Resources

Recruiting Talent, Developing Staff and Solving Problems

Successful companies today face a serious challenge when it comes to recruiting the talent they need and developing the staff they have, to stay competitive in an increasingly fierce market. Changes in the working styles and structure of the modern workforce, technological improvements and the outlooks of different groups in a cross generatio...

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Control your controllables

With all the challenges we’ve faced recently with the global recession and tough economic conditions, many of us are experiencing job uncertainty, financial stress and family crises. Employers are cost-cutting and demanding more for less. Therefore, more than ever it’s crucial that we build our resilience, so we can navigate through ...

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What an Extended DISC Personal Analysis Report told us about an individual

Often the reports will not describe in full detail some of the perhaps sensitive information we can translate from the Profiles. The reason for this should be obvious and our training programmes provide material that assists in looking behind the information provided in reports.
We try hard not to over-analyse reports and we need to be care...

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Extended DISC Surveys Platform

Extended DISC® Surveys Platform is an online platform that allows you to conduct survey applications using your own instruments. It eliminates the administrative frustrations by automating the process. Surveys Platform is a customizable and flexible tool for conducting large scale surveys cost effectively. Organizational Climate Surve...

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Extended DISC Specific Style Reports

Extended DISC® has 10 Specific Style Reports that can be included in the Personal Analysis Report. This 2 page add-on relates the individual's Personal Analysis to a more specific style. The 10 styles are: •Office
•Customer Service

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