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Extended DISC Team Analysis Report - Name Map and Job Fit

The Name Map in the Extended DISC® Team Analysis Report invites questions that you may not have considered. One of the important issues in any team is to ensure that the individuals and their job requirements match. So, one should ask the following questions: How well do the individuals and their job requirements match? ...

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How Extended DISC Methodology Helped Identify And Solve a Motivational Issue in a Key Employee

In our training programmes we often discuss how the Extended DISC® Personal Analysis Report can be used in identifying motivational issues, solving them and thereby improving the retention of personnel.  The following is a good example of how this was achieved in a ensuring a key manager in a large organisation was firstly identified...

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Increasing Productivity By Understanding Behavioural Styles

The following are some simply rules to help individuals improve their performance.
They are not precise and the use of Extended DISC® Personal Analysis Reports will provide much more definitive and specific advice for each individual style.  It is important to keep in mind that less than 0.5% of the population are 100% D, I, S or C...

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Product Education: Extended DISC Performance 360

For some reason, we are receiving increasing enquiries about our Open and Performance 360 tool, so it is timely that we take a look at the product.

Our new flexible online platform will provide us with even greater versatility, but the new system is not due for release until 11/11/11. In the meantime, the current product is proving to be p...

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The Effect of an interview on the Extended DISC Personal Analysis Report

A recent telephone conversation with one of our recruitment consultant clients reminded me of a classic example of why it is important in recruitment to be careful not to explain to the candidate the behavioural style the organisation is looking for in a new recruit before he/she completes the personal analysis questionnaire.

The interest...

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