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How to Hire Sales Candidates who Will Succeed.

Posted on 13 March 2020
How to Hire Sales Candidates who Will Succeed.

It can be a difficult task to choose the best candidate for your sales position. Hiring the wrong person can lead to costly, detrimental effects down the line.

Hiring assessments allow you to accurately vet your potential employees and determine who would be the perfect fit for your company. But, not everyone knows where to begin. Not sure where to start? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Let's take a look at what you need to know.

Use a purpose-built Sales Competency Assessment to recruit

As the name suggests, a recruitment assessment is a tool you can use to reveal how well your candidate will perform in your sales role, and when used skillfully, in your company and sales environment as well. Our tool not only takes their propensity to succeed in the sales role into account, but it also compares natural behavioural preferences with your actual sales environmental conditions; the result is a Job Role and Job Environment fit.

Measuring your candiate against key sales competencies is nothing new. But, measuring the mindset that underpin their competence is!

Measuring sales competence is just the beginning!  With the release of the world-renown FinxS Analysis System, we can measure the mindset underpinning their competence.  We can identify the type of sales role in which they will flourish and where they will no doubt struggle. We can even give you a forecast of their likelihood to focus on "busy work" that does not directly produce sales results (mine is 45%).

For example, you may encounter a job candidate whose CV appears perfect for your sales role. But, they may have a headstrong and dominant behavioural style, which is not suitable for a sales process that involves your complex product. They may grow bored with the longer sales process involved with such a significant ($$$) buying decision.

Save yourself the angst,  time and thousands of dollars by using the FinxS Sales Competency and Mindset Assessment

Wish you had of had this when you hired your team? Don't despair.

Three versions of the  FinxS Sales Competency and Mindset Assessment  are available:

  • Recruitment - focused on revealing candidates' capability and sales role fit
  • Development  - focuses on unleashing potential and capitalising return on your investment in your sales professionals
  • Manager provides you with the information you need to coach your recruit and existing sales team to excellence


How do I get my hands on it?

Call or email us now, and get started today:

To Purchase FinxS Sales reports or our expertise, call Talent Tolls on 1800 768 569 or Sharon direct on 0416 010 701, email us  or book a 15-minute call here 

Register for our Understand and Unleash Your Sales Magnitude one-day workshop or arrange an in-house workshop for your team

Find out about our Accredited FinxS Sales Coach Training  and become self-sufficient running the reports and using them yourself with your sales force or your clients'.

We've found that if you're not hitting your sales targets, the solution is often simple, the difficulty lies in identifying the real issue. That's why the FinxS Sales Competency Assessments were developed.

Oh, did we mention the system also generates an Individualised Development Plan for each respondent?


Want to learn more about how we can help? Feel free to get in touch with us today to see what we can do.
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