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What's New: Virtual Extended DISC® Accreditation

Posted by Sharon Hudson, Director, Talent Tools on 25 March 2019
What's New: Virtual Extended DISC® Accreditation

FinxS® is the new online platform for Extended DISC®. Within your branded FinxS® account, which is set up and customised for you following your accreditation, you can automate report generation and also manually generate reports as required. And not just one report per individual but any or all the individual assessments, including teams, work pairs, candidate comparison, or tailored or additional assessment in the system all at no additional cost to you.

The FinxS system charges to analyse the respondent's data. Once FinxS has analysed their data you can generate additional reports at any time, ongoing, free of charge,  from your respondent database. That's right; you can produce any other behavioural reports from that person's data.

Thinking of promoting a salesperson to Area Manager - run a Sales Manager report to compare their natural style to the relevant sales manager competencies. Run what-if scenarios to see how short-listed candidates will impact team dynamics. Think of the value you can add to your organisation or clients! New products and services (and new income streams).


Virtual Extended DISC Accredited Practitioner training is only $1500 + GST (if applicable). Visit our Training Calendar for our upcoming Virtual Accreditation Webinars.


The Virtual Accreditation Process

You will undertake some pre-webinar reading and complete an online questionnaire to have your Extended DISC report before the first webinar session. There will be two webinars on successive days of 3 hours. Including a 20 minute break. You will undertake two knowledge checks which will take about 20 minutes, one following each webinar session. Then a one-hour one-on-one practical debriefing session with your facilitator completes your accreditation requirements.

Extended DISC®/FinxS® assessments can be customised or designed from a blank sheet of paper. They can be short, general DISC reports or comprehensive assessments for more holistic applications. You can personalise the appearance of the reports to match your, your client's branding or even co-brand reports. You can design your own exclusive bespoke reports. There are no limits on what you can do within your FinxS platform -  different reports for different roles and purposes. Even develop specific Participant Guides to match your training sessions with the participant's Extended DISC results printed in their Participant Guide!


Once you've chosen or designed your report, you can distribute it immediately. Respondents complete an online questionnaire that takes no more than 10 minutes, and the results are emailed within seconds to the respondent, facilitator, administrator or combination of recipients. It's that simple!


Administrating a system as versatile as Extended DISC® is made easy with our complimentary FinxS® Platform Training. With two levels available in the Behavioural Analysis Platform - Administration and Design. Both are complimentary webinars delivered live with your facilitator.


But, wait, you get more .....

The FinxS platform does more than Behavioural Analysis. It is a survey platform for organisational or customer surveys, the 360-feedback platform, a Reasoning Analysis for aptitude testing and more, all available for you to utilise as soon as you have access to your FinxS account.

Talent Tools provides optional additional training in the full suite of instruments in the Extended DISC FinxS Platform.


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