Punctum - A game for expanding your view

See the Details of our Brisbane Punctum Launch - TAP HERE Punctum uses colorful and stunning photos, life topics and powerful questions to create a playful atmosphere of learning and development. The game plays on the relationship between photos, words and questions and how they relate to the players/team/clients regarding a specific pe...

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Making change less painful using a strengths-based approach

  I have been working in the field of OD and culture change as an external consultant for almost 20 years. In that time, I have supported a number of well-known organisations through significant change, including the UK’s Royal Air Force, Ora...

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Using your strengths to get that job

var addthis_config = {"data_track_addressbar":true}; The vast majority of theories of learning and development – and therapy, come to that – all say pretty much the same thing; that what we are unaware of controls us...

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Unique Features and Benefits of Extended DISC

We provide Information You Need and we help you use it! Extended DISC is the leader in understanding how information about people can generate business value to our clients. Talent Tools is an Accreditation Body and wholesale distributor of Extended DISC products, we service each client with individuality and tailor our approach, ser...

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Extended DISC® Tools and Solutions

Extended DISC® Individual Assessments The Individual Assessments are self-assessments that identify the strengths and development areas of an individual. What makes Extended DISC® different from other assessments is that it is able to measure the hard-wired behaviors to exclude the impact of the environment. In practice t...

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