Invalid Results - Extended DISC Analysis

Many assessment tools generate a report even if a respondent just randomly/blindly selects answers. As you can imagine, the validity of the results is questionable. Extended DISC® does not generate a report when the validity of the results is very low. This situation is called an “invalid profile”. The underlyin...

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Making workplace change less painful using a strengths-based approach

I have been working in the field of OD and culture change as an external consultant for almost 20 years. In that time, I have supported a number of well-known organisations through significant change, including the UK’s Royal Air Force, Orange (as once was), Police Service Northern Ireland, Crossrail, BAE Systems, Johnson Service Group,...

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FinxS - our new online platform

Together with other Extended DISC representatives worldwide, we have been testing a new online platform for some months.  The flexibility of the system has astonished us and we are keen to introduce the program, named FinxS, to clients that we expect will want to use the enhanced options which are not available in our current Extended DI...

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About Hot Buttons and Workplace Conflict

What are hot buttons? Hot Buttons are those irritations and annoyances that can provoke you into conflict.

They are the situations or characteristics in others that aggravate and frustrate you, perhaps to the point where, despite knowing better, you instigate a conflict. Interactions with button pushers can leave you feeling dem...

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FREE Hot Buttons Test - What's your conflict trigger?

Not only is it important to understand how people respond to conflict, it is useful to know what kinds of situations are most likely to create conflicts. This test presents a subset of frequently occurring hot buttons used in the Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP). It is not meant to be a comprehensive examination of hot buttons but rather a way...

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